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About Nigeria Youth Entrepreneurship Network

About Nigeria Youth Entrepreneurship Network

Nigeria Youth Entrepreneurship Network is a platform which serves as a strategic part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy, is a public private partnership between the Federal Government of Nigeria, its Ministries, Departments and Agencies and the promoters of the EMPOWER NIGERIA Initiative; the Anabel Group. The Nigeria Youth Entrepreneurship Network;, is designed to provide disadvantaged groups in society such as young people and women a direct link to entrepreneurship and empowerment programs supported by sponsors such as the Federal, State and Local Governments as well as sponsors from the private sector. In addition the Platform will assist its entrepreneurial members with the ability to “apply online” while they are on the site for any entrepreneurship or empowerment program offered by any of the Federal, State or Local Governments or Private Companies and Foundations.

NYENET is all about support for the Youth Entrepreneur as well as about providing the most important elements a young man or woman needs to be successful in business. NYENET can provide you with direct access to the following resources; 

Access to Government Programs. NYENET provides a board based one stop shop for all Federal and State Government programs that support the Empowerment of Youths and Women, Job creation and Job training as well as internship programs designed to support job skills. These programs include but are not limited to, business and entrepreneurship funding programs, business skills training and educational programs, vocational skills and apprenticeship. NYENET also aggregates all youth and women entrepreneurs that have been funded or supported by all Government programs in the past in order to provide them with additional support, additional funding and additional exposure to ensure sustainability.

Access to Funding. NYENET provides matchmaking services for entrepreneurs as well as for micro, small and medium businesses that require funding to get started or for existing ventures. NYENET works with an extensive partnership network which includes all the Federal Government of Nigeria youth and women empowerment programs as well as unique access to private equity, venture capital and angel investors. In particular the Commercial and Micro Finance Bank loans supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria special fund for Micro, Small and Medium scale businesses and other special Central Bank of Nigeria intervention funds for select industries including Agriculture, Power and Electricity etc. NYENET is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs who want to remain competitive and who wish to build sustainable business models over the long term, and who need continuous support.

Access to Professional, Business and Technical skills. NYENET supports the process of strategic skill acquisition for Entrepreneurs as well as for their key employees in the most critical areas of business. In most cases of start-up businesses in Africa, it is the lack of having the right entrepreneurship and business skills that is the most common reason for wide spread failure. NYENET addresses this by aggregating all the Funding, Training and Business skill support available from all Federal, State and Local Government programs as well as from private sector sources. NYENET also supports the Job training and sustainable Leadership and success skills needed by professionals to remain successful in life, in your profession and in business.

Access to Bankable Business Projects. NYENET provides a wide range of ideas on businesses that young people can choose from just in case you do not have the right idea that will be financed by one of our financing partners. Our bankable business ideas have been designed to function from an industrial stand point in which your passion for a particular industry can support your choice of a particular business. If you have a passion for the Oil and Gas industry, the electricity industry or the Entertainment industry we can help you to discover your calling as we provide you with a detailed listings of micro, small and medium business ideas in these and other industries that will change your life and get you on the path to Entrepreneurship. The great news is that our projects are as the name implied, BANKABLE, which means that NYENET will match make you with a financing institution that will fund your business.

Access to affordable Business Premises. NYENET provides a Nationwide over view of the affordable business premises that young people can afford to house their new business. In many cases NYENET’s promoters, the ANABEL GROUP, will make the investment in modular Entrepreneurship designed Office Parks, SME industrial parks and Entrepreneurship Centers in order to make sure that young people have the business premises they need and they can afford for their businesses. In addition NYENET aggregates all the providers of affordable housing for Entrepreneurs for private as well as commercial use in different parts of the country.

The Entrepreneurship Network. Once you have been funded by a Federal or State Government Program, you are already qualified to be a member of the Network. NYENET will then use its intelligent system to go to work for you to identify new customers from around the Country and new markets where you should be selling your product or your services. In addition you can participate in online Entrepreneurship Clinics, Webinars, business forums and market place engagements in an effort to build our skills and promote your business further.